NKJU has been in business in existence for 42 years, and like most organizations and associations, has had it's share of ups and downs, but in the end we have stood the test of time!

On March 12, 2016, Hanshi Tola E. Lewis, Jr. retired from teaching martial arts and has chosen, Steven E. Johnson, Shihan, as his successor and third Director (Kaicho) of the National Karate Jujitsu Union.

Now that NKJU is under new management, you will notice new changes, i.e., our new patch, new menjo (certificates), new website and new Facebook page.

If you are a former NKJU Sensei and wish to continue your educational path, instructing, and sharing your knowledge with like-minded budoka, please contact me or Fuku-kaicho (Vice-President), Kyoshi Mike Moore soonest.

If you are an instructor of any of the Classical Budo systems of Japan, Okinawa, Korea or China and wish to represent your Art, please consider making NKJU your home. We are
seeking regional, state and local instructors to begin building the next generation of warriors.

Points of Contact are:

Steven E. Johnson, Kaicho

Mark I. Moore, Fukukaicho

NOTICE: NKJU will never be a diploma mill. Advancement, recognition and awards are earned through hard work, sweat, a few bruises, a little blood on occasion, lots of pain due to time on the floor and a few tears here and there.

On the dojo floor is where it begins and ends. If this is too much for you, I am certain you will find someone who will sell you the piece of paper you are seeking.